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  • Lift, lay and move your baby without straining your back.
  • Move babies while they sleep without waking them.
  • Lifts into and out of Car seats, pushchairs, carry-cots, and prams.
  • Ties on the side to make a soft cosy wrap.
  • Snugglebundl Award Winning Baby Lifting Blanket With Handles from Kidsonestopshop

Snugglebundl Award Winning Baby Lifting Blanket With Handles from Kidsonestopshop

A Baby Blanket which has won many awards and commendations from industry experts. Every experienced parent knows what it is like to fear waking a baby when there is so much to be done. With this new invention parents can rest assured that they can move their babies and keep them asleep whilst saving their backs. Baby care experts love this product because it encourages parents to take their babies out of car seats when they are asleep, which is better for the baby's health and posture. It's not just a lift and lay blanket though because it wraps around the baby and fastens to provide a snug napping sack, it's good for gently rocking babies with colic, settling grizzly babies, helping them get to sleep t can be used just a s a play mat providing a soft cosy surface wherever they are. In addition it can be used for discreet breastfeeding too. Whatever feeding method is used the problem is putting them down but with the snugglebundl you can use the padded handles to gently lower them without having to awkwardly remove your hand from under their head which usually wakes them. With the snugglebundl at hand life is a lot easier for the parent and the baby gets lots more healthy rest too. Indeed, the most expressed statement by experienced parents is, "I wish they had these when I had my babies!" It's not only good for all parents but particularly good for helping with recovery from C-sections, bad backs, SPD and generally makes life easier for any parent. The snugglebundl doesn't replace any traditional handling of a baby, you can lift and cuddle your precious baby as always but without the back strain or concern about waking them.

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Snugglebundl is made in just one size. Suitable for newborns to 6 months.
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Independant Reviews and Feedback

Snugglebundl | Baby Lifting Wrap| C section Recovery | Post Birth Recovery | BabyBlanket (03:01)
http://www.snugglebundl.co.uk/ This video shows just how useful theSnugglebundl is. From lifting your baby in and out of car seats to lifting and laying your baby down on the floor. Amazing help with recovery from c-section, complicated births and bad backs. The Snugglebundl is an Incredibly useful baby blanket that means no more bending and stooping with your baby and it is so easy to move sleeping babies from one place to another without waking them. Fits into car seats, pushchairs, prams, cots and cribs. Winner of Barclays Bank innovative new business competition "take one small step"2011. Loved BY Parents Gold award for Best Innovative Gift, and Bizziebaby silver award The Snugglebundl is one blanket with so many uses. Amazing reviews from mums, dads, grandparents, midwives, oteopaths and chiropractors. Made of the soft jersey cotton or the softest fleece and cotton it is the World's first baby lifting blanket and one of the best, most useful new born -- 6 months baby products on the market http://www.snugglebundl.co.uk/
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    http://www.snugglebundl.co.uk/ This video shows just how usef...