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  • zolo•chaos - because predictable is boring

zolo•chaos - because predictable is boring

Rush into creativity! Build your ZoLO creations with a time limit! What can you make in 20 seconds? In 10? In 5? Let yourself go. There is no time to think— just do! Make your own cards! Cut, draw, collage or modify this box to make cards that communicate something that you feel strongly about.

ZoLO® Chaos is one of our many ZoLO Creativity Sets that are designed for maximum fun and focused play. Each set is based on a different aspect of creativity, and comes with optional building challenges and inspiring activities designed to spark the imaginationand foster out-of-the-box thinking.

* 25 mixed plastic & foam playsculpture pieces for open-ended building fun!

Also includes:
* creative ideas & artful activities to stretch your imagination!

For ages 5 and up
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