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Cla’dell was founded in 2012 by two sisters who shared a strong belief that education was the key to life. Lydia and Clara Maufi provided the means for two children to be educated in Tanzania East Africa,who have since managed to secure employment and been able provide for themselves. Inspired by what they had done and the acheivement of this children and with a passion for fashion Cla’dell was born. The aim is to help more parents earn an income by working for Cla’dell,all cla’dell products are specially hand made by this parents(women and men) and the income they earn can then provide a better livelihood for their children.

As the elder sister started her own beautiful and fulfilling journey of being a mother. It opened her eye’s into the world of children which led to the birth of ‘trendy tots ‘by Cla’dell.Trendy tots targets children from the age of 0 months to 24 months,and not leaving the older kids out we also included the 2-12 year old kids into our fashion line.

Our products aim to bring joy to mothers and their children who love fashion. Our materials are chosen carefully paying attention to quality and comfort,the range of materials come from a mix of African prints and other fabrics of bright and vibrant colours. Our aim is to brighten up every fashionable child dream with the unique colours and designs.

visit oue website for more products www.cladell.com