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Discofish Designs

About Us:
Discofish Designs Ltd. is a family-run company based in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. We're all about offering personally produced items without the bespoke price tag. Personalise your passion!

We provide affordable custom embroidery and sublimation print solutions for private and business customers both locally and nationally.

Our ethics:
We believe in providing value for money products, but never at the expense of ethical, humane and lawful practices in the clothing industry.

We will only ever buy garments from manufacturers that share our views and can demonstrate that their workers are treated safely and fairly.

Discofish Designs Ltd. is registered in England and Wales with registration number 07553387
Registered Office: 155 Hitchin Street, Biggleswade, BEDS SG18 8BP
VAT Reg No: 109 5992 82