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Ego Kids is a new clothing line which was founded in Taipei 2012. We offer dresses that are beautiful, stylish and unique. The dresses are made of the highest quality and all material is 100% cotton. We want everything on the dress to be special and make a complete look that you won't find anywhere else.

We buy all the fabric and we also choose and buy all the details for the dresses. All fabrics, buttons and lace are produced in Taiwan. We make sure that everything match eachother on the dress, to have a button that is bought to match a certain material is as important to us as having a beautiful material. We work closely with everyone involved in the making of the dresses. We personally transport all the material to the factory and we keep a close eye on the production to make sure everything is handled in a good way. The small factory is located in Taipei and there's one woman sewing all our dresses.
Our mission is to design adorable dresses at an affordable price for all beautiful little girls.
This is our first small and limited collection for girls between the ages 6 months and 8 years. We hope that you will like the collection as much as we do!