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Fairytale Furniture Ltd Q & A

What age are the chairs suitable for?
The chairs are suitable for ages 2 - 7 years, although children much older than 7 years can still enjoy them. If you look at the pictures, the little girl in "Pip the Pony" rocking chair is 2 years old, and the little girl in "Ziggy the Zebra" Rocking chair is nearly 8 years old. (We have watched with amusement as Mums and Dads have also sat astride the chairs and rocked because it seemed to be fun)

Are your chairs Eco-friendly?
Yes! We take care to stipulate that FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) products are used and that all our varnishes, pigments and the final scratch proof coating are water based, contain no heavy metals or petroleum based products.So that makes it very safe for children and is kind to the planet.

Do your toys comply with the Toy Regulations for safety?
Yes, all our chairs, both the child sized chairs and the dolly sized toy chairs, comply with Toy Regulation EN 71 iii, which governs toys which may be put in the mouth. So if the child really wants to chew the chairs, whilst it might harm the chair it won't harm the child. Also the little toy chairs come ready assembled and we have not added the fabric mane to Pip the Pony and Silky the Pony.

Where are your chairs made?
Our chairs are all made by hand in a co-operative workshop in Poland. The workshop is one of only three private co-operatives to survive the Communist era and has been working for over 50 years. We chose that workshop because it is very important to us that all our products are made by adults working in a safe environment and receiving a fair wage.

Are your rocking chairs safe?
Yes, again this is something we take very seriously. Our rocking chairs have been tested and passed the BSEN1022 regulation for stability.

Do I have to assemble the chairs?
Yes the chairs arrive packed flat in the box and are assembled very easily with 4 steel bolts which go into 4 threaded steel inserts, so you don't even have to drill a hole. When we go to shows with the chairs we often have assembly races to see who can assemble the chairs the fastest because its so quick and easy. The chairs are designed to be assembled and dismantled many times over if you want to take them to Grandparents for a sleep over.