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Gemious Ltd

Gemious Ltd, have several children's brands and are proud to offer via the 'Kids one stop Shop' the award winning Gumigem teething jewellery and Kiddies food Kutter.

Gumigem - Award winning non toxic, soft flexible, washable silicone jewellery for Mum (or Dad) to wear and baby to enjoy! Babies LOVE to pull and chew on whatever you are wearing. Gumigem is a modern solution to that age old problem... teething with style.

Necklaces are ideal for keeping little one entertained when sitting on your knee, breastfeeding or baby wearing. Plus they cannot be dropped on the floor an you dont have to remember to pack a teething toy!

+Note - babies and children must only interact with the necklace when worn by an adult due to the long cord +. Bangles are suitable from birth as a teething toy.

Bangles - suitable from birth, you wear the bangle and if baby is fussy, slip it off and hand it to them for an instant teething toy. Perfect for molars coming in and ideal for older babies who are on the move and wont sit on your knee for very long anymore

We have listed our best sellers!

Endorsed by Dentists - it is known that the process of biting down helps relieve the pressure on sore gums. Gumigem is the perfect material for this. Also as seen on many celebrities and ITV's This Morning

Kiddies Food Kutter - the knife that cuts food.. not fingers!

The Kiddies Food Kutter is designed for young children to cut their food at the dinner table safely. Now children of all ages can learn adult table manners the safe and easy way! An excellent training tool.

Stainless steel non-toxic blade that prevents rust and corrosion ,Very safe as there are no sharp edges (teeth are rounded), Dishwasher safe, Teaches kiddies to use a sawing action to cut their food, Promotes independence, Builds self reliance
Easy to use because the specially designed child size plastic handle is designed to fit small hands. Available in 3 colours (red, blue or yellow).