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Harmax Products Ltd Q & A

•Can I wash my Kidzpod lunchbox in the dishwasher?
Yes. We recommend using the top shelf and don't forget to remove your design insert and clear plastic cover from the lunchbox first!
•How does the anti-bacterial protection work?
Biocote protects your Kidzpod lunchbox from bacteria that can breed from tiny particles of food waste which can be found in a traditional lunch bag. It is completely safe, effective, and it doesn't wear off. Find out more at www.biocote.com.
•What age group are Kidzpod lunchboxes aimed at?
All ages, boys and girls. Kidzpod is unique and individual to each owner!
•What size is the Kidzpod lunchbox?
The internal measurements of the lunchbox are: Length: 28cm, Width: 10cm at the top end, widening to 20cm, Depth: 7cm.
•How do I clean my Kidzpod lunch box?
Very easily! Kidzpod can be wiped out and cleaned thoroughly in seconds! Designed with no internal corners or edges - cleaning out is a doddle!