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JK Worldwide Ltd - PlayAway Q & A

??Why would you buy a PlayAway case?
1. It is a suitcase and Entertainment centre in one, and its cabin sized
2. It has a good storage space for luggage meaning you save money on hold baggage fees and have more to spend on holiday!
3. It has fun activities included in it and a hidden board game to provide varied entertainment
4. It comes with lots of activities in the case
5. It has Lots of FREE activities based on Our Planet and places in the UK and countries we are travelling to so your children have fun and learn about the place they are going
6. The characters engage children in conservation

??Why is it fun for children
It has a hidden board game, dice and counters
12 Plastic crayons
Activity Pad
Trivia based Playing cards
Free fun activities on the website to print and complete

??Why is it practical for parents
1. It has a good luggage space so you can pack in clothes
2. It offers ease of travel as the PlayPod removes providing entertainment, so no more aerobics jumping up and down to get toys from the boot of the car or overhead on the plane
3. Any other childs suitcase sits in the back of the wardrobe for up to 11 months of the year, now you have the PlayPod to take on journeys everyday so more value for money you don't need to buy different items to keep children entertained