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Lights Out Blinds

I invented Lights Out Blinds as a quick, easy and inexpensive way to darken bedrooms. My children are light sleepers and wake up at any suggestion of it being daytime. I was tired of battling with blankets, towels and even bin bags to try and keep their bedrooms dark. People tend to have black out curtains in their homes but the curtains in holiday accommodation or granny’s house are often not sufficient. These are also great for daytime napping and maintaining sleep routines on holiday. Not just for children, the blinds are perfect for shift workers, students, rented accommodation or anyone that needs to sleep in the day or prefers a darker environment. Lights Out take seconds to put up / take down and require no fixtures/fittings or size adjustments.You get two in a pack which allows for positioning flexibility and they can be attached to open windows or windows with deep recesses.Lights Out keep bedrooms dark and your kids asleep especially in the summer months when the sun rises early and set late.