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Lights Out Blinds Q & A

Will my blinds really stay on the window with just one sucker?

Yes! The blinds have been tested and stayed up for weeks. Take a few seconds to really "work" the sucker on to the glass. You should not need to moisten the sucker.

The sucker isn't the right shape and doesn't stick to the window. What's wrong?

Suckers can become misshapen depending on how they have been stored. If your sucker won't stick properly simply immerse it in hot water for a few minutes and it will return to its original shape.

What size window do the blinds cover?

A pack of two blinds completely cover windows measuring up to 163 × 114cm and significantly darken anything bigger. More than one pack of blinds can be used.

How come no size adjustment is necessary?

If the window is smaller than the blind the blind sits against the window surround. If the window is bigger than the blind the blind sits against the window. The blinds can be overlapped or used horizontally or vertically whichever way fits best. More than one pack can be used for very large windows.

How do the blinds work on open windows and deep recesses?

Each blind comes with an extension rod. If the sucker on the blind can't reach where you need to stick it simply hook the extension rod on behind the sucker to give you more length. The suckers can be stuck on at an angle – on an open window that opens to the side for example.