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Maqaroon® is a new lifestyle label created by award-winning illustrator Joanna Zhou. After studying at Central St Martins and Chelsea College of Art & Design in London, she spent many years working as a kawaii product designer and writing for industry magazines. In 2011, Joanna decided to combine her love for fashion and character design into a brand that is contemporary, cute and entertaining.

The concept behind Maqaroon is to create playful gifts which complement our current culture of collecting visual inspiration. Part kawaii and part urban geek, each piece has the appeal of a shared insider joke. Joanna also wanted to create a concept that sends a message on diversity, on accepting and loving people’s unique identities. Behing every character, you can spot many allusions to culture, fashion and music.

Maqaroon’s jewellery collection strikes a perfect balance between witty design, affordable price and hypoallergenic, high-quality material. Made out of 18K gold-plated stainless steel, each item has the precious look of fine jewellery without the hefty price tag. From coffee bean charms to mustache bracelets, there's a touch of playfulness behind every piece!