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Here at Kids One Stop Shop we aim to bring you a variety of products of quality and Mathmos being one of them. It is a British heritage brand founded in 1963 by the inventor of the lava lamp, Mathmos lava lamps have been hand made in Britain ever since.
Mathmos lava lamps are a twentieth century design classic. We aim to make the best lava lamps in the world. Mathmos also designs, manufactures and markets a range of other award winning ambient lights.
The Mathmos story begins with the invention of the astro lava lamp by our founder Edward Craven-Walker. Mr. Craven-Walker was a great British inventor, entrepreneur and eccentric. Apart from inventing the lava lamp he also made underwater naturist films, flew helicopters, drove a fire engine, was a World War Two pilot, a talented accountant, entertained the cast of the 60s musical Hair and owned a naturist camp in Dorset.
Mr. Craven-Walker originally developed the lava lamp from a design for an egg timer he saw in a Dorset pub. Taking years to develop the formula original models were made with orange squash bottles and the first lava lamp came to market in 1963.