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Mumba® is the home of innovation for mother and baby products and the company behind the revolutionary Mumba® Bra, the "wonder bra" in nursing. Mumba Bra was created by a breastfeeding mum to address some of the problems associated with breastfeeding, making for happy mums, happy baby and happy breastfeeding.

Mumba Bra was invented in 2010 by entrepreneurial mum of two Elizabeth Morana after struggling to breastfeed her daughter. She experienced some of the common problems associated with breastfeeding, such as painful and engorged breast and found that her daughter was easily distracted and unsettled whilst feeding.
She identified a gap in the market for a single product that addressed some of problems faced when breastfeeding and that supported both mother and baby in their breastfeeding journey. Noticing that current nursing bras only offered support of the breast and easy access when feeding, the Mumba Bra was created. Her aim was to develop a nursing bra that not only supported the breast but that acted as an aid to support successful breastfeeding.

It’s a well-known fact that breastfeeding mothers regularly forget which side to feed baby from next. Alternating breasts when feeding is important, to keep milk supply in both and to avoid painful engorgement which can lead to mastitis.
Using standard nursing bras, means that mothers have to use a range of accessories such as breastfeeding reminder bracelets, smart phone apps and clips attached to their bras to address this problem.

Not all babies take to breastfeeding; it’s a new experience as like many things and will need to be learnt. Keeping a baby's attention whilst breastfeeding isn't always easy, as they grow they can become easily distracted. This can be frustrating for mums as feeding becomes continuous stopping and starting with less filling feeds for baby.

Mothers have been using breastfeeding necklaces or breastfeeding covers to focus their baby’s attention and prevent distraction.

Addressing these problems using a standard nursing bra means splashing out on additional accessories, some of which mums later find to be an added headache.

The unique Mumba Bra offers ingenious solutions to these problems and incorporates them onto the one item that all breastfeeding mothers own, a nursing bra. Which means the Mumba Bra is to hand, ready to prepare and support right from the onset and throughout your breastfeeding journey.

Mumba Bra brings innovation and style together; to give real mothers everything they need in support, comfort and modern fashion.


- 1. The unique Mumba® clasp – Helps you quickly track which breast to feed your baby from next
- 2. The original BabyFocus® print - Stimulates and relaxes your baby with every feed
- 3. Drop cup opening allows for quick and easy one-handed access for feeding