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MyMo (Make Your Own Mobile) is a mix-and-match wooden cot mobile, with an MP3 player / voice recording unit. Its beautiful design really makes it stand out from any other mobile on the market and, along with being extremely cute, it’s actually better quality, safer and even promotes learning and development. Here are some of its best bits:
1) It is fully customisable, meaning you make it to fit in with your baby, your nursery and your own personal preferences
2) The base unit comes in 7 different colours and includes a double sided photoframe for photos of you baby or other loved ones.
3) There are 30 hanging characters to choose from and additional photoframes which can be selected in any combination desired (six pieces come with each mobile). The photoframes are especially great for people with family
members living abroad or far away.
4) The super cute MP3 player and turning unit also includes a voice recorder, enabling you to record your voice either singing or reading a story to your baby
5) When your baby no longer needs a cot, you can reassemble the components and strings so that it becomes one long hanging garland for the corner of the bedroom.
6) When you have your next baby, you can simply purchase new components to reconfigure the mobile and match the personality of baby number 2.