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Painted By Me

Unique, Cool and Sparkly T-Shirts for Little STUDS (Boys) and DIAMOND DOLLIES (Girls)
“A Child's Best Friend...On a T-Shirt”

We are thrilled to introduce an exciting new children's t-shirt company, Painted by me...
sparkly t-shirts for little boys and girls.

Inspired by what our little people WANT and LOVE, a child’s best friend...captured on a t-shirt.

Using bold silhouettes with sparkling embellishments of rhinestones and diamantes, studs and bows etc adds fun and frivolity with a touch of glamour mixed with a hint of rock n roll for today’s audacious child.
All the ingredients that capture what children LOVE... and make a child happy.

We want to excite and capture a magical, mesmerising and exciting feeling throughout these t-shirts when kids put them on, leaving them wanting more or not wanting to take them off.