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“As a mother of two, one of my passions is protecting little feet. I would like to share my research with you about how fragile little feet can be and how it is our responsibility, asparents, to see that they get the best start in life. I do hope you enjoy your SKEANIEs.”Natasha Barber, founder.

Starting out in Australia, the SKEANIE brand - loved by little feet around the world – has come to Europe. Its eco-approach only uses offcuts of leather to create stylish shoes that nurture and protect children’s feet.

SKEANIE was founded by mum of two Natasha Barber. She commenced her soft soled shoe research shortly after her Cheeky Monkey, Hamish was born. Finding high quality soft leather shoes was a challenge. After 2 years of research and design and the birth of her Little Princess, Bella, she launched SKEANIE shoes for kids.

Since then SKEANIE has won much acclaim from mums, podiatrists and paediatricians and is the PREFERRED PROVIDER of the AUSTRALIAN PODIATRY ASSOCIATION (NSW). Podiatrists and paediatricians around the world have united to recommend SKEANIE’s beautiful soft soled shoes for your baby, toddler and young child.

All SKEANIE shoes and boots are hand-crafted from high quality super soft eco-leather, designed to nurture and protect little feet. All products are Fair Trade. We recommend that your children wear the soft sole range before they develop into the SKEANIE Junior range when protection is required for outdoor walking and exploring.

The Infant Range Soft Soled Baby Shoes are made of a soft, high quality genuine leather upper to allow your baby's tiny feet to breathe and grow naturally. The suede sole will provide superior grip whilst crawling or walking.

The Junior Rubber Soled Shoes have been designed for walkers. The footwear in our Junior range feature our innovative flexible rubber sole.

SKEANIE Europe’s Brand Manager and mum of two Mel Hearn comments,

“I first became aware of SKEANIE shoes at around the time my eldest, Lola, was taking her first steps. I began to research the best time for babies to start wearing shoes and started to come across lot’s of research supporting soft sole shoes for growing feet. When I started to look to buy shoes in the UK, I was shocked by the amount of heavy, inflexible and unsuitable baby and toddler shoes on the market. The foot is such a critical part of the child’s development and not only do SKEANIE shoes allow little feet to move freely and naturally but the designs are lovely too.”

Leading podiatrist Tracy Byrne who is a consultant to SKEANIE adds, “SKEANIE shoes provide all the protection and flexibility needed to ensure good foot development.”