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The Cuties and Pals

The Cuties and Pals, loveable kids luggage.
Introducing "the Cuties and pals", cute luggage for kids!. A choice of 8 animal shaped, durable, high quality ABS/Polycarbonate, 2 wheeled trolley case with expandable pulling handle with a matching back pack, for children 2 up.
Available as a set, or individually as a case or backpack.
The case weighs just 1.8kg, so helps meeting those meet weight restrictions set by airlines. The back pack, just 0.8kg!
The size of the case is 46cm x 31cm x 25cm. Capacity is 26.5 litres. The size of the back pack is 32cm x 27cm x 13cm. Capacity is 13.5 litres.