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UZU Ltd.

what is zolo?

Knobby blobby, skinny squatty, square and round, plain or spotty. ZoLO® is everything imaginable—and it all goes together as one.

ZoLO® began with a dream to make the most fun toy ever. Something that went back to basics and inspired creativity in everyone. Armed with felt-tip markers, color pencils, and paper, it was around the kitchen table in their small Chelsea design studio in New York City that designers Byron Glaser & Sandra Higashi cooked up the idea for ZoLO. With little money and rejected by the 3 major toy companies, it was their pure idealism and entrepreneurial spirit that made their dream come true. The original 55-piece, hand-carved, hand-painted wooden ZoLO® playsculpture set first made its debut in 1986, introduced to the world by The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Attracting attention for its ground-breaking creativity, open-ended play, defiance of toy industry age & gender stereotypes, and unique organic building forms, ZoLO quickly developed a loyal following. It has won several awards including the Accent on Design Best New Product in the NY International Giftshow. More than 20 years later, ZoLO has since been recognized by the Toy Industry of America in their Commemorative Book, 100 Years of the Power of Play, in which ZoLO is cited for its influence in the world of play along with some of the most well-known and beloved toys of our time.

Today the same creativity, whimsy, and high design for which ZoLO is loved, can be found in a wide range of products from toys and gifts, to confections and home decor–all designed by the same creators of the original ZoLO toy. Our goal is to spread playfulness into every corner of life–for girl & boy, young & old, left brain & right brain–to plant seeds of creative thinking, that will sprout invaluable problem-solving skills essential to growing a happier planet for all of us.

Who knows…it just may be the lopsided view, quirky little thought, or random gut feeling of yours that begins the big shift. That’s what ZoLO is all about