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Classic Toys, memories of your childhood

Three decades of selling outdoor play, whilst we watched our own children and now grandchildren playing outside has helped us understand that children love the simple things. A swing strung from a tree, playset and of course the forever favourite, ride on toys and trikes still creates hours of fun and games.

We sell traditional toys that take the focus away from technology and give your child a chance to experience the type of play that you may have experienced as a child. Learning to balance on that first ride on toy, trike, balance bike and then trike. or playing with wooden toys that require only the imagination of your child seem to provide endless fun. Playing at dressing up, look I'm a Knight, Princess or dragon keeper.

Our toys are solid, sturdy and safe. Made to stand the energies of a toddler through to an 8yr old and helping to create those childhood memories that are talked about to their own children.